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Become A Distributor

Spazio supplies its range of products into the market via a countrywide network
of distributors specialized in lighting supply

Our Distributor are:

Lighting Shops
Are the traditional shops that display lighting in a showroom
and give access to the general public for off the shelf purchases.
Electrical Wholesalers
Are stores specialized
in the supply of electrical equipment in general
(Cables, Connectors,
Switches, etc.)
Their normal customer is the electrical contractor who is carrying out electrical installations.
Project Specialists
Are retailers that specialize in the supply of commercial installations,
they often have a showroom secluded from the general public
and normally they only purchase what they require for the project they are working on.

If you meet the above criteria, kindly submit an online application
by clicking on the below link.

Alternatively please contact us at 
(011) 555 5555
(Central Switchboard)
Email us:

Become a Distributor

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