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Expert Tips To Ace Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

While ambient lighting provides overall illumination and task lighting allows you to perform a task without glare or distraction, accent lighting draws the eye to a focal point to highlight, display, create drama and generate interest.

A good rule of thumb is that accent lighting should offer at least three times as much light on the focal point as the general functional or ambient lighting surrounding it.

Benedict Zwane from Brand DNA, Interior Architect

We called on the expertise of Interior Architect at Brand DNA in Joburg Benedict Zwane for his accent lighting commandments:

1. Your lighting and furniture need to work together to achieve a unified design solution so that you don’t have dead spots and exaggerated shadows.

2. Overlooked and underlit areas that benefit from accent lighting are under cabinets
(or shelves, especially in the kitchen),
along skirtings and around mirrors to offer visual drama.
Lighting textured tiles and wall cladding brings the finishes to life.

3. Avoid having different light temperatures in one environment:
Don’t have a cool white light next to a warm white one.

There are three main methods to achieving accent lighting: spot lighting, strip and LED lighting, and recessed lighting.

The most classic form of accent lighting, spot lights provide direct, focused light and the wide selection of smart designs – with modern LED lamps – offers subtle design solutions. Track lighting is the most flexible solution to accent a piece of art or feature wall.

Read about how to make the most of accent lighting to highlight artwork here
or to master landscape lighting here.

Here’s a selection of some of our most popular accent lighting:

Lone Square

Dame 1

York Track




Slim Surface


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