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5 Rules For Lighting Art

Track Lighting
Track lighting, such as the Flip All-over Track from Spazio, is the most flexible form of accent lighting,
allowing you to rearrange art and furniture.

Successful accent lighting should appear incidental, even invisible, allowing the artwork to take centre stage. Here’s how;

1. The right light
Beware of natural sunlight (UV and infrared radiation will fade paintings), fluorescent lamps’ high UV rays, and halogen and incandescent lamps that generate a lot of harmful heat. Instead opt for LEDs, which boast a long lifespan, give off little UV radiation and heat, and are available in warm and cool colour temperatures.

2. The right angle
You want to avoid glare and shadows. As a rule of thumb, ceiling-mounted lights should be placed so that the light beam hits the centre of the artwork when the fixture is adjusted to a 30° angle.

3. The right position
If you’re reluctant to commit to the position of a static spotlight, track lighting is the most flexible way to go. Alternatively, choose a feature wall that you intend to hang art against to wash with bright light, indirectly lighting the room at the same time.

4. The right colour
Traditional halogen lights originally used in museums and galleries would have had a colour temperature between 2700K and 3000K, with a warmer yellow to the light.

5. The right intensity
The intensity of accent lighting should be three times that of the ambient light: If the light at the top of a painting is within three times that at the bottom, the eye tricks itself into thinking that the painting is evenly lit.

Here’s a selection of super spots to accent beautiful art.


Flip All Over Track


15W Lone LED



Lone Square 2 light


Dolce Spot



Flip Thrice 3 Light


York 3 Light Round Base

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