How 3D rendering can help you envision your space

Scott Mark Cook 3D Rendering
Scott Mark Cook, 3D Rendering

Lighting has the power to make or break a project, says Scott Mark Cook, a technical lighting consultant based at Spazio’s Cape Town office. Scott assists clients by offering Spazio’s valuable 3D-rendering service. He shares the benefits of employing the service.

Architecturally, lighting is the “jewellery” of a project, put in place to highlight a building’s features, contours and beauty. Done right, it sparks imagination, creates interest and welcomes you into a space.

Scott Mark Cook 3D Rendering

Lighting is one of the last pieces of the puzzle, and only when the switch is flipped will you be able to appreciate whether a design has been executed well or not. If the design is flawed, it’s often too late to fix it without incurring significant costs. But with 3D rendering, you can visualise different lighting options for your space. Thanks to the wonders of technology, this visual representation can be manipulated and edited until the right effect has been created before you get to the installation phase.

Scott Mark Cook 3D Rendering

At a glance, here are the three benefits of 3D renders:

  1. Solutions can be expertly tailored to your project’s requirements.
  2. Receive a virtual representation of the possible lighting treatments.
  3. You have the flexibility to make changes

Scott Mark Cook 3D Rendering

At Spazio we pride ourselves on communicating and partnering with our customers from the design phase of the project through to implementation, and encourage anyone who seeks solid advice on how to best illuminate their world.

Scott Mark cook 3D Rendering

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