Accent Lighting Outdoors

Accent Lighting Outdoors

Accent lighting isn’t just for lighting art. Uplights and downlights light pathways, doorways, porticos and highlight aspects of your home and garden.

But, in addition to effective orientation lighting and visual interest, they can also offer a more dynamic security solution.

A simple wall, for example, can become more striking when lit from below at night, but the trick with accent lighting – indoors or out – is not to over do it. You want one area to be the focus and to create drama with shadow.

Accent lighting is all about clever layering. Start with a well-lit and welcoming entryway – a warm light works well here – and a clear pathway where brighter, whiter light is generally best. Consider the function of the lighting, such as safety on a dark staircase. Once the practical, purpose lighting is taken care of, identify any other features you want to accent, whether it be with a dramatic uplight or soft wall-sconce.

Here’s a selection of our best-selling landscape lights.

Portico LED




Neo Large


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