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How to create a multi-light centrepiece


“Multi-cable lighting is flexible, adaptable and neutral – it allows you to put light where you want it. You can cluster it or spread it out, and it can be used creatively in virtually any space.“ – Paul Pamboukian

A step-by-step on how to create this striking and ultra-trendy multi-light centrepiece

Select the number of pendants you require. The Dito pendants from Spazio come with a 3m cable and have a range of different finishes (matt black, copper and dark grey) and socket shapes. There are also plenty of trendy lamp styles with visible filaments (traditional, bulb, tubular, balloon). And if you’re looking to make even more of a statement, you can choose a different cable colour too.

Here’s the technical bit. Remove the ceiling cup from the mounting plate by loosening the side screws. Depending on the number of pendants, drill 8mm holes in the ceiling cup in various positions. Use a spring toggle or butterfly screw to securely fasten the mounting plate to the ceiling over your electrical point.

You can choose to leave the pendants hanging at different lengths (in which case you’ll cut the cable to different lengths), to group the pendants together and knot the cables, or to secure hooks to the ceiling to run the cable through to achieve the look on the right. For the latter, stagger the radius of the hooks to vary how low each cable hangs. You can wrap the cable around the hook twice to keep it in place or use a small, clear cable tie.

Feed the cable ends through the holes in the ceiling cup. Your electrician will strip the cable outer exposing the brown and blue wires, connect the wiring in parallel, and affix the ceiling cup to the mounting plate with the two side screws provided. Screw the lamps into the sockets, flip the mains and voila!

CANVAS CABLE 3 core cable, 20 metre roll.
Available in
red, brown, copper, gold, blue, purple, turquoise, pewter, white, black, grey, silver, black+white.

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