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Flexible, interactive lighting in the office

T-Uni Suspended

The sleek T-Uni suspended linear profile looks chic in a modern monochrome office.

Well-designed workplaces adapt fluidly to tasks and a company’s changing requirements. In a rapidly evolving modern world, we demand both flexibility and control over our spaces. Modular residential and corporate furniture is one example of this trend in action. Goodbye cubicles and dividers! Hello hot desks, sit-stand desks and no desks – areas for collaboration, privacy and relaxing.

Technological advancements and paperless offices are also driving this versatility, impacting where and how we work. The same flexiblity applies to lighting.

Beyond motion sensors, LEDs can be customised in innumerable ways that were unimaginable with traditional lamps. Advances in connected lighting technology mean you can connect and manage LED light points wirelessly, offering personalised office lighting.

LED panel showing the different colour temperature's
The LED panel from Spazio offers tunable LED so you can choose the colour temperature.

The LED panel from Spazio offers tunable LED with a colour temperature that ranges between 3000 and 6000K to offer bright, blue-white light as well as soft, warm light. It can be recessed or surface mounted and includes a dimmable LED driver and a remote
(sold separately).

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