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6 lighting questions answered by a pro


Lighting designer Paul Pamboukian established Paul Pamboukian & Associates almost three decades ago, so has solved a fair number of lighting problems. He answers our questions ...


Do you have to have closed fittings in a bathroom?

Yes. All fittings in bathrooms should be Ingress Protection (IP) rated according to the position and nearness to water. An IP rating of 55 should be sufficient.


What’s the difference between a flush and semi-flush mount?

A flush mount is usually recessed into the ceiling so that it is level with the soffit or ceiling and does not protrude. A semi-flush mount is partially recessed, depending on the design.


Can I convert my existing fittings to LED ones?

It depends on the fitting, but most low-voltage downlights can be fitted with LED retrofits and conventional screw and bayonet lamps are also available in LED versions.


Whats the best wattage/lumens for a new baby’s room?

It depends on the fitting, but generally you should choose a low wattage lamp, say 3W-LED, and the colour should be warm white (2700K). Never leave a light on in a baby’s (or anyone’s) room all night as it affects the melatonin cycle.


What’s the best wattage to have in a desk lamp to keep me alert and stimulated?

The equivalent of a normal 60W incandescent lamp, a 6W-LED. You want a cool white colour temperature for mainly daytime use and warm white if you are studying deep into the night.


Are all lamps dimmable?

All incandescent and halogen lamps and some LEDs are dimmable, but energy-saving, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are not. When non-dimmable LEDs are used in a dimmable switch, they tend to flicker so be sure to check the packaging.


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