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5 Ways to Simulate Natural Light

Silk Pendant

In every home or office building there will always be that one room, nook or cranny that either gets very little natural sunlight or nothing at all. Studies have found that light can heighten emotions, and that natural light could make you happier. Natural light seems to play an integral part in our overall sense of wellbeing, and helps our bodies feel alert and energetic, it may even help reduce symptoms of depression.
The creative challenge for darker spaces is to simulate natural light using artificial means.
To achieve this, the tricks and tools of the trade are quite diverse and fun to implement.

Here are five ways to add natural light to an otherwise dim and dark room

1. Hidden lights
Give the room an indirect glow by adding subtle lighting tucked away next to a bookshelf or behind a couch.
Slim Profile Recessed
Slim Profile Recessed

2. Under-cabinet lighting
Under-cabinet or -counter lighting softens the edges of a room and elevates objects that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.
Tiny Profile Recessed
Tiny Recessed

3. Mirrors
Adding mirrors that reflect and bounce light creates a sense of depth and space. In a room with a low ceiling, a mirror that reaches almost to the ceiling can help lift the space. A mirror is also a good opportunity to celebrate a beautiful pendant light.
Lumia Pendant

Lumia Pendant

4. White walls
Choosing the right colour is important for a room with little natural light. The best choice is often white or a shade of white. Painting the walls and the ceiling in one colour will also create a wide-open feel. Washing a wall in light using up- or downlights is a method of accent lighting that creates a focal point.
Untold Downlight

Untold Downlight

5. Large art
Add a splash of brightness and colour with large art pieces. Artworks can have a similar effect as adding a mirror to a wall, with the added benefit of bringing interest and beauty into the space. Use LED spots to light the artwork correct, as well as being efficient, LEDS emit less heat and practically no ultraviolet light so they won’t fade your painting. Plus, they come in a number of temperatures.
Flip Twice Spot
Flip Twice Spot

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